Take a Foodie Tour with one of Kuala Lumpur’s Top Chefs

Our team in Malaysia has teamed up with Mandy Goh, executive chef at the Ruma Hotel and Residences, who is looking forward to showing why Kuala Lumpur’s diverse, delicious dishes set the city high among the world’s top foodie destinations.

Heading out from her base at the Ruma, Mandy and guests make a beeline for the local morning market – a profusion of colour, sounds and tantalising aromas where the locals shop and sample spices, fruits, vegetables and snacks. With a healthy appetite worked up, there’s time to stop and try some of the favourite local breakfasts the market has to offer.

Then it’s on to an ancient, atmospheric Kuala Lumpur neighbourhood which is rich in stately architecture and an amazing diversity of cultures, with another range of stunning dishes to try along the way. Next stop is the area around the Indian mosque, then on to the architectural heart of colonial Kuala Lumpur, and finally into Chinatown where there’s a leisurely stop to sample hokkien mee. This fried noodle dish is one of the jewels of Malaysian cuisine, and Mandy has chosen to take her guests to enjoy it at a local shop which has used the same recipe for over 100 years.

At weekends only, the tour can be extended with an hour’s drive to a beautiful little restaurant on a farm located in Janda Baik forest. Worlds away from the bustle of the city, guests settle down for a farm-to-table lunch amid verdant surroundings and cool mountain breezes.

For more information and bookings, get in touch with our reservation team in Malaysia at: [email protected]

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