The Truly Malay Village of Labu Kubong

Named after a creeper plant, the self-sustaining village of Labu Kubong lies in the rural outskirts of Kuala Kangsar in Perak province. Through the use of age-old traditional Malay farming practices, its villagers practice a sustainable lifestyle – without even knowing such word exists – by living off their land and sourcing products from their own backyard.

At the village, guests will have the chance to learn how a craftsman turns used metals into daily use utensils, or even the Majestic Malay dagger known as ‘the Kris’. Walk along the village’s meandering pathways and arrive at the local stingless bee farm to taste their fresh honey. Discover the age-old process of rubber production before visiting the house of Mak Wan to try some of her home-made local snacks. Or visit a charming 100-year-old Malay house owned by a local couple for a tour of their lush garden full of spices and fruit trees. Here, guests will uncover the architectural differences hiding within the charming structure and the medicinal value of the spices found around the house.

For the more active, hike up the plantation to a viewpoint while learning first-hand how the village supports agriculture in Malaysia. Occasionally, guests will be visited by long-tailed macaques monkey business-ing around, spot wild boar tracks along the path, or watch swallows and swiftlets flying around. Once at the top, enjoy the serene views while being served local fruits fresh from the nearby orchards.

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