The Best of Both Balinese Worlds

According to Balinese culture and tradition, there are two co-existing worlds: “Sekala”, the seen or conscious everyday world, and “Niskala”, the mysterious, unseen psychic world. In the age-old traditions of Balinese healing, both these elements need to be harmonised and brought into balance to achieve tangible healing results. A group of highly experienced Balinese healers have made a base at Tegalwangi Village, where guests are invited to step into a unique, exclusive experience and explore the spiritual side of Bali. They can combine that with some trekking through the gloriously lush surrounding greenery.

The centrepiece of the visit is an opportunity to interact with the local people in their traditional family compound and be treated to a spring water blessing at the river temple. The tour moves on to Guliang village for a session with a Balinese fortune teller, followed by a Usada healing session and a traditional Melukat water cleansing ceremony, both of which are revelatory.  

For more information, get in touch with our team in Indonesia at:  [email protected]

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