Renovation Tour of the Former Secretariat Office

Last Friday, Khar Khar from our Destination Asia Myanmar office joined a short tour named ‘Renovation Tour of Former Secretariat Office’. The Secretariat was built in 1890 during British colonial time and is a landmark in Yangon, exemplifying the imposing Victoria-Colonial style architecture. The office compound is over 14 acres which has been sealed off for many years and kept from public access expect on Martyrs’ day 19 July – it is also on the Yangon Heritage list.  The tour included visits to; the very first parliament building constructed by British government; the first monument for martyrs in the middle of the courtyard facing parliament; the western wings where General Aung San and eight cabinet members were assassinated; and the final point was the southern wing with a double spiral staircase baring finials of Queen Victoria. The tour lasted approximately 45 minutes, providing a fascinating perspective on the unique architecture and compelling history of Myanmar.

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