Tokyo Supercars Experience

In a first for the country, Destination Asia Japan is delighted to be partnering with Tokyo Supercars to provide a high-octane experience for your M&I clients. Tokyo Supercars are a local deluxe sports car group with an impressive fleet including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin and more. They offer smaller groups the opportunity to drive these fantastic automobiles through the streets of Tokyo at night, revealing yet another compelling side to this city. The drive heads across Rainbow Bridge with incredible evening views over the river before stopping on Odaiba, home to Tokyo’s neon Ferris wheel. Your clients will have the chance to experience not just one, but two supercars as they switch vehicles for the drive back to base.

For larger corporate events, we can also work with Tokyo Supercars to come up with custom plans for your clientele which includes (but is not limited to), learning how to drive a race car around a circuit, learning how to drift and racing Go-Karts against supercars!

Please note that a valid driver’s license and valid International Driver’s Permit or License is required to participate in these activities. Japan drives on the left, but as some of the supercars are right-hand drive we recommend this experience only for the most confident of drivers.

Click here to watch our activity video in Japan.

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