Top Chef Shares Yin-Yang Equilibrium Secrets

We can make it happen for travellers to meet up with a legendary chef from the Vietnamese MasterChef TV show, who now follows the healthy culinary concept of Yin-Yang equilibrium in the makeup of dishes. Together, you set off to a local market to enjoy the sights, sounds, and aromas, learning not just about the produce before you, but also where it has come from and how to spot the best available. Strolling through the zig-zag alleyways, guests are taken to the chef’s tiny yet cozy home for a culinary master class. Spend some time chit chatting over a cup of tea learning all about the concept of Yin-Yang equilibrium, and her fascinating journey during the MasterChef competition.

Guests then roll up their sleeves for a private hands-on cooking class, while your master chef shares inside tips on how to apply Ying-Yang balance to Northern Vietnamese cuisine. Enjoy the fruits of your labor as tasty seasonal dishes come to life. Now its time to sit down and enjoy them, topped off with the typical Hanoi dessert of egg coffee. Eating and drinking is an art form in Vietnam where culinary dishes showcase regional diversity and never fail to capture the imagination of everyone who visits.

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