Uncovering the Tiger Paw Print at Wat Tham Sua

People may come to Krabi for the obvious pleasure-led endeavors, such as the sparkling beaches, and of course the stunning islands. If you venture further in land and move away from the beach, there are also majestic karst formations rising just as dramatically out of the land as they do the sea, creating mesmerizing sights. Wat Tham Sua, or Tiger Temple as it is also known, is just three kilometers from Krabi Town but could not be more different from the crowds around Ao Nang. Inside the cave, there is what appears to be a large tiger paw print set in stone, hence the temple’s given name. It is one of the most intriguing temples in southern Thailand, as the monks that reside here live within a maze of caves covered by the jungle. Wat Tham Sua also teaches a form of Buddhism called Vippasana (insight meditation), which is based on teachings from the earliest Buddhist texts.

If you are in good shape and can withstand the heat, a climb up 1,272 steps of the limestone tower to see the ‘footprint of the Buddha’ is well worth it. Once you make it to the top you will be treated to amazing 360-degree views of the spectacular Krabi landscape and blue waters of the Andaman Sea.

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