Visitors Welcomed Back with COVID Restrictions Now Lifted

Japan’s anti-COVID precautions were more stringent than many other countries, but the main ones were lifted on 11 October and visitors from nations that did not require a visa pre-pandemic will again be able to enter without one. As with most countries, the only remaining caveats are that visitors must have adequate health insurance and show proof of being fully vaccinated or a recent PCR test. There’s still a cultural tendency to wear facemasks in public places and, while it’s not obligatory for foreigners to follow suit, it’s a courtesy to these phenomenally polite people to do so. This charming characteristic of the Japanese people is reason enough to visit, as is the stunning environment, from the science fiction modernity of Tokyo to the untouched beauty of its countryside and historic coastal towns.  On top of that, Japan’s calendar is teeming with events and festivals old and new, which celebrate everything from the changing seasons and ancient legends to coffee, jazz and movies. 

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