Camp Under the Stars at The Habitat Penang Hill

Savour the serenity of an ancient rainforest under the cover of the stars at The Habitat Penang Hill. Situated just 6km from George Town, The Habitat is a world-class rainforest discovery centre located at the edge of the magnificent biosphere reserve. With its nature trail, iconic treetop walkway, and canopy bridge that provide exceptional rainforest experiences, The Habitat aspires to awaken curiosity and nurture support for conservation among each and every one of its visitors.

Starting at the base of Penang Hill, take the funicular train up to The Habitat where guests will meet a naturalist for a guided walk to the base camp to set up the tent. In the evening, catch one of the best views of Penang Island and the mainland with golden rays of sunlight shining down on the rainforest from Curtis Crest Tree Top Walk, followed by an evening stroll in pure nature while the sounds of the jungle light up the beauty of the rainforest at night.

After your morning breathing exercise, continue on to The Flight Of The Colugo Zip, an adventure course comprising of 3 zip lines. Named after the Sunda Colugo aka The Malayan Flying Lemur, the Colugo Zip offers visitors a new way to marvel at the beauty of its rainforest – from an aerial perspective.

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