Volunteering with Doh Eain at the Alley Garden Project

Doh Eain (meaning ‘Our Home’) is a multi-discipline restoration and place-making social enterprise founded in Yangon in early 2017. They are dedicated to preserving the country’s heritage, improving public spaces and organizing activities that connect people with places – employing a user-centered, participatory approach. In doing this they aim to inspire and enable people to participate in re-shaping their city while helping retain its cultural heritage.

An Impact Day is a fun activity where volunteering clients can have a positive impact on the city they visit. The day commences with an introduction to the Alley Garden project, followed by a short game that makes you look at the place from a different perspective. The group is then divided into smaller teams with each assigned to a specific location to work on artworks; build street furniture and/or plant shrubs. Artist will be present to facilitate the different activities. It is also possible to organize an Impact Day at a specific location of client’s interest, with a donation made to the local community to help with maintenance.

This is one of the best long-term sustainability projects and activities in Yangon and is an excellent option for M&I groups, families and groups of friends or students.

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