Welcome to the Land of ‘Forever Mountain’

Nam Et–Phou Louey is the largest National Protected Area in Laos and the land of ‘Forever Mountain’, while also harboring the glorious Nern and Et Rivers. The region boasts exceptionally high biodiversity with excellent chances of spotting rare and endangered animals. Destination Asia Laos are exploring new and sustainable ways of venturing deep into the area that provide support for local communities.

Nam Et–Phou Louey (pronounced “naam et poo loo-ee”) National Protected Area (NPA), is located in the northeast of Laos and covers an area of 4,100 sq/km. It is the largest of Laos’ NPAs, covering seven districts and three provinces (Houaphan, Luang Prabang and Xieng Khouang provinces). Mostly hilly or mountainous, it is the source of many rivers and a vital part of the region’s ecosystem. It is named after its two main features, the Nern and Et Rivers and Phou Louey Mountain (also known as ‘Forever Mountain’).

Destination Asia Laos can organize a challenging trekking up to the summit of Phou Louey ‘Forever Mountain’. With an elevation of 2257 metres, it is the third highest peak in Laos and one of the few cloud forests in the region. This trek through the evergreen forest includes a homestay in Khmu Village (a traditional Laotian village), followed by an unforgettable overnight experience in jungle huts inside the protected area. We also take guests up wildlife observation towers on the lookout for rare animals passing by.

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