Connecting Communities in Northern Laos

Destination Asia Laos has inteAsia Talk-laosgrated its CSR initiatives at community level to help develop a remote village in Northern Laos. Ban Thin Hong is a small village nestled on the banks of the Mekong River in just 1.5 hours from Luang Prabang and 30 minutes upstream from Pak Ou Cave. Home to approximately 300 people, Ban Thin Hong remains less visited, sitting on a less accessible side of the river, and void of the tourist crowds, struggles to provide basic living conditions for its people. Its remoteness has enabled the village to retain an enchanting culture that fascinates visitors – therefore, if effectively managed, visiting clients can have a positive impact on their life.

Working closely with the Lao National Tourism Authority and people of Ban Thin Hong, Destination Asia Laos has developed a sustainable project to encourage a local partnership strategy. Visitors will gain access to a stunning natural environment and experience the untouched culture of Laos, while residents can generate a steady income through tourism-based activities.

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