Kota Kinabalu makes ‘Top Sunset’ shortlist

Kota Kinabalu was recently voted, along with Siem Reap in Cambodia and West Lake in Hangzhou, China, as one of the world’s top places to watch the sunset.

A leading news portal created a list of ‘Eight Great Places To Watch The Sunset’ – with three of Destination Asia’s eleven destinations featured. Borneo’s coastal town of Kota Kinabalu certainly provides any traveller with unforgettable memories of sunset-viewing. People often gather at the beach with a selection of local delicacies, laying out a mat before sitting down to savor the spectacular evening spectacle as nature smears a palette of orange-red colors across the sky.  This beach offers the perfect vantage point as the sun dips below Mount Kinabalu.

We can arrange a romantic dinner on the beach with tables and chairs, a cozy picnic or cocktails from the deck of a boat. However guests want to soak up the impressive sunset on show at Kota Kinabalu, we can deliver an exemplary level of service that will exceed the client’s expectations.

Image: Mount Kinabalu, Kota Kinabalu

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