Nazlina’s Cooking Class in Penang

Nazlina is a self-taught cook and food enthusiast who will walk guests through every step of this sensational cooking class, connecting them with the local community as they experience local culture and cuisines. Nazlina started her culinary website a few years ago and hasn’t looked back since it gained popularity the world over. She never calls herself a chef as she has not trained at an official culinary school. However, she is an avid reader and has studied from numerous books, learned many techniques from fellow cooks and mastered her skills through practical learning. As the website continues to grow, people from all over the world are seeking the opportunity to cook with her – from food journalists to restaurant owners, food critiques and students.

With an eclectic mix of heritage and history, Penang has long being regarded as the food capital of Malaysia and is the perfect place for food and culture enthusiasts. During this tour guests will visit several markets in George Town, including one at Chowrasta, Campbell Street – and other temporary vendors that line the streets between them. While exploring these vibrant markets we also take time to admire the ornate architecture of surrounding shop houses and nearby heritage buildings.

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