A Holiday Within a Holiday on Lamma Island

Lamma Island is a breath of fresh air and the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life for a day. Situated just a 20 minute ferry ride off the coast of Hong Kong Island, it’s easily accessible and provides an exciting range of activities to immerse in. You’ll find no cars on the Island but a lot of bicycles as the local’s pedal from the pier to their homes or local shops. Lamma is perfect for a half day or full day out, offering golden sandy beaches and clear blue water to take a dip in. The perfect way to unwind after enjoying a casual walk across the island along family trails (the trails are good enough to push a pram along).

No trip to Lamma is complete though without ending up at Sok Ku Wan, a traditional fishing community that offers delicious fresh seafood and local cuisine in open air restaurants that stretch along the magnificent harbour front.

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