3D Wonders Museum Opens in Sabah

Gain a glimpse into a side of Sabah never seen before at the new 3D Wonders Museum, housed within the same compound as the architectural marvel known as Rumah Terbalik. The complex is one of only five upside-down houses in the world and the first of its kind in Malaysia. The riveting experience presents Sabah’s beloved customs, traditions, and landscapes in a new perspective.

Two-dimensional images are transformed into immersive 3D environments, allowing guests to stand among indigenous tribal headhunters, stand atop Mount Kinabalu and observe myriad wildlife in their natural habitats from within the safe confines of a museum. The 3D Wonders Museum is not only the largest 3D art exhibition in East Malaysia, but also the first and only one that is dedicated to educating the public about the importance of protecting biodiversity, ecosystems, and natural resources. It’s ideal for those travelers who don’t have time to complete all these spectacular outdoor experiences Malaysia has to offer.

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