Supporting families affected by the Sabah Earthquake

On Saturday 11 July, staff from Destination Asia Malaysia, supported by the Ford Rangers Owners Club in Kota Kinabalu who supplied 8 vehicles, transported water and food to Kampung Malangkap village in Kota Belud. The village, located in the northeast of Mount Kinabalu, was one of the areas hit by a devastating mud slide on 6 July 2015 following the unimaginable earthquake that struck Ranau-Borneo on 5 July.

Following a drive to raise funds, Destination Asia Malaysia were able to donate RM5,000. It was decided to contribute RM2,500 to the Mountain Guide fund in aid of the Sabah earthquake and RM2,500 to the mud slide victims at Kota Belud. We would also like to thank one of our business partners, Kinabalu Heritage who helped us to reach the 63 houses and families affected.

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