Explore the Evening Delights of Vientiane

With its mix of local and French colonial influences, Vientiane is a fascinating place to wander around at any time. But it takes on an added dimension when you explore it by night and get a different perspective on this laid-back riverside capital.

Not long before sunset, a local Destination Guide picks you up from your hotel to start the tour. Travelling by tuk-tuk, you’ll set out to your first stop, a night food market near That Luang. This place truly comes alive at night and is a firm favourite amongst locals who flock there for a cheap and tasty meal, with few tourists to be seen. Your guide walks you through the market, stopping to point out different and delicious dishes. You can try some of them on the spot or bring them along with you to the next stop: a traditional Lao style barbecue, locally known as a “sindat”. This DIY hotpot meal, which again is often overlooked by tourists, is a popular local choice that offers a little bit of everything. Your guide will introduce you to some of his favourite dishes, and of course you’re welcome to hunt around and pick out your own.

For more information and bookings, get in touch with our Laos team at [email protected]

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