Lavender Fields Lure Travelers to Hokkaido

Lavender is one of Hokkaido’s most famous agricultural products, valued not only within Japan but across the world. The lavender business is blooming in Furano, a town located in the middle of Hokkaido where the climate lends itself to growing such plants. Here the lavender fields have also become a colorful tourist attraction as they burst into life from late June through to early August – filling the air with their heavenly scent.

On this guided tour by private car, we depart Sapporo and visit two farms to enjoy strolling through their flowering lavender fields while also learning about the production of other plants grown here. With the Tokachi mountains providing a stunning backdrop, guests will be amazed by the sheer beauty of this region. We also visit the farmhouses to learn how the lavender is dried and prepared for sale. We can also arrange for guests to stop at a traditional restaurant on their return to Sapporo for a delicious local meal.

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