A Taste of Laos In Traditional Cooking Class

Here’s a fascinating glimpse into the traditions, history and beauty of this relatively unknown and utterly bewitching nation.  

In an idyllic waterside setting, guests are personally introduced to a group of friendly hill tribe men and women, who are delighted to share their culture with them.  The centrepiece of this encounter is a cooking demonstration and food-tasting ceremony, which gives a delicious insight into the deeply flavourful, exotic tastes of Laos.

The menu typically features some extraordinary and delectable ingredients, such as edible hummingbird tree flowers and edible greenery that has been freshly harvested from the fast-flowing rivers of northern Laos. Then there’s hornet and bee larvae, surprisingly delicious bamboo caterpillars which lay their eggs in clumps of bamboo and a variety of different ant eggs. Leave your preconceptions on the doorstep and be prepared for a true taste sensation!

Here in Laos, a  party without a traditional lamvong dance is not a party. Guests are invited to join in a short, fascinating lamvong cycle, which basically consists of a slow, rhythmic, hypnotic dance with graceful hand gestures and simple, easy-to-learn steps. It’s easy to get the hang of it and great fun once you do. To keep the party swinging,  there are free-flow drinks throughout the event including excellent local beer, wine, cocktails and canapes.

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