In Search of a Legend on Vietnam’s Mt. Tu Tram

Asia Talk-VNmar2016Located roughly 20 kilometers southwest of Hanoi, amid a beautiful landscape stands a limestone mountain named Tu Tram. Legend has it that, in ancient times, the brightest and finest star of the heavens, Tu Vi, suddenly fell from the sky and was transformed into a mountain. The local people named it Mt. Tu Tram. Nature has endowed Mt. Tu Tram with picturesque caves and caverns, of which Long Tien is the most beautiful. Hundreds of stalactites in all shapes and sizes flow from the roof and walls of the cave.

In the area of Mt. Trao, very close to Mt. Tu Tram, a small shrine is found on top of a peak. Visitors can observe on the stone walls around Vo Vi Pagoda, slabs with scriptures of great historical and artistic value. Destination Asia Vietnam operate a number of excursions that connect visitors with the legends and landscapes around Hanoi, creating the most exceptional experiences.

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