Ama Divers Host Memorable BBQs in Shima Peninsula

Japan is of course world famous for its fabulously fresh seafood. While there are many places to enjoy it, this is a unique opportunity to enjoy it in the company of local female fishermen – called “ama” – who follow the age-old tradition of diving deep in the sea to catch shellfish and seaweed for a living. Currently, they are located only in limited areas of Japan, such as the Shima Peninsula, which is home to a population of 750 ama divers who welcome visitors to sample their customs and culture.

For this must-do experience, guests are brought to an ama hut, typical of the places used by divers for centuries to change their clothes, prepare for their dives, then rest and warm themselves around the fire when work is done. The guests are invited to sit with an ama and chat with her while she cooks for them and shares stories about herself and her companions, how they learned to catch fish, how they grew up and the very basic methods and tools they use, which have remained largely unchanged for centuries. It gives a fascinating glimpse of a simpler, self-sufficient life and a disappearing world. Equally rewarding is the simple yet absolutely delicious barbecue lunch or dinner, centered around fresh seafood, which the amas serve their guests.

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