Cultural Immersion & Offers at Four Seasons Chiang Mai

Set in rolling green hills, Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai has all the comfort, luxury, and facilities one would naturally expect from this renowned hotel group. And now it has taken it several steps further by opening its very own “Chaan Bann” within its grounds.

A Chaan Bann is basically a courtyard with wooden structures, which typically sat outside rural Thai dwellings. It’s been perfectly re-created here, in close collaboration with local artisans, and guests are invited to take part in a whole range of essentially Thai activities and crafts. These include rice planting, clay pot molding, spinning and tie-dying fabrics, and even helping to bathe the friendly water buffaloes. They can learn how to make a bamboo “ta-laew”, an ancient talisman that is hung around the outskirts of farms and paddies to ward off evil spirits.

As well as the pioneering Chaan Baan collaboration with local artisans, Four Seasons Chiang Mai has entered a partnership with InClay Studio Pottery, a renowned local group. Guests can view the results of their very distinctive work, which uses ash glazes to great effect, on the dinnerware used in the hotel’s North by Four Seasons restaurant.

Now is a great time to participate with the hotel as they offer a selection of promotions including early bird discounts, and a ‘Stay Longer’ offer with inviting discounts.

For more information and bookings, get in touch with our reservation team in Thailand at: [email protected]

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