Beaufort Terrace is a Unique Venue in the Heart of Shanghai

Beaufort Terrace is a very unique and fascinating venue consisting of a former drama stage that has been converted into a 1,000 square meter rooftop courtyard. Located on the fifth floor in the heart of Yuyuan Garden, this spectacular 400 year-old garden was built by a merchant in honor of his parents, and the rooftop courtyard offers groups today a tranquil oasis in the heart of Shanghai. It is an excellent venue to enjoy a classic opera or hold a banquet, and can also host various activities such as parties, exhibitions, news conferences, shows, lectures and receptions. The fixed indoor stage is ideal for performances while the outdoor terrace offers exceptional views: the modernity of Lujiazui Financial District contrasting the classic gardens surrounding Beaufort Terrace. Contact Destination Asia China to explore the range of possibilities available here.

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