Bengoh Rustic Retreat Provides Responsible Eco Escape Close to Kuching

Located approximately one hour’s drive from Kuching, Bengoh Rustic Retreat is the perfect place from which to explore Bengoh Lake, Kling Waterfall and Susung Waterfall. Guests can now enjoy an eye-opening 15 minute boat ride through scenic mountainous backdrops across the majestic Bengoh Lake to Bidayuh Village. On the way we see gushing waterfalls and streams flowing into the mighty Bengoh Lake which it serves as a water catchment area for Kuching. Over the course of two days you will get the opportunity to walk through lush secondary forests, fruit orchards, cocoa and pepper plantations. Test your nerves with a walk across a bamboo bridge suspended by steel braided cables before hiking to Kling waterfall for a cold dip while enjoying a local-style lunch. The overnight stay is at a homestay (very basic accommodation) situated at one of the best look-out points in the area – the location is always a highlight of the tour as you take in the breathtaking scenery of the lake and surrounding environment.

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