Sustainable Travel Option with e-Bikes in Bali

Destination Asia Indonesia is offering a sustainable travel option for visitors wanting to explore the island with an electric bike tours. Jumping on an easy to use e-bike, visitors of this beautiful island can venture in to areas that were previously difficult for cyclists to access due to their mountainous location.

Cycling with electric bikes can take as little or as much effort as you choose, and without losing the fun part of cycling. Touring quietly through beautiful natural surroundings, cyclists can enjoy the seemingly endless UNESCO recognized rice fields at Jatiluwih, among other highlights. The e-bikes come equipped with an electronic motor to assist pedaling, allowing riders to cover more distance or climb hills even when your legs are tired. Destination Asia Indonesia offers the option to upgrade a regular sightseeing tour to the Jatiluwih Rice terraces with one hour e-bike addition. They also offer two half-day e-bike tours, one near Ubud and the other through the Jatiluwih Rice terraces.

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