Bugisan Village Life by Ox Cart and Ijo Temple Sunset

Join Destination Asia Indonesia on a mini adventure as they take you to the outskirts of Yogyakarta to celebrate the simple pleasures of local village life before exploring some of the lesser-known temples of the region. First stop is Plaoson Temple, built in the 9th century and located in the traditional Bugisan Village just 2km from the famous Hindu Temples of Prambanan. It is one of the finest examples of Mahayana Buddhism in Java.

From the temple we take an ox-cart to the neighboring village where guests are invited into a traditional home for a welcome drink and light snacks before exploring the village on the cart. We drop into a local home-industry and learn how the traditional Javanese cracker ‘emping’ is made – while trying a few ourselves, before visiting the Jamu maker. Jamu is a herbal medicine made from natural ingredients that can be found throughout Indonesia. Traditionally prepared and prescribed by women selling it on the street in colorful bottles, Jamu recipes are not written down but handed over between generations. Taste a glass of the usually with honey sweetened healing drink to invigorate your body and soul, before entering the next house to try your skills at playing the Gamelan.

Following the adventurous village experience we proceed to Ijo Temple on the western slopes of Gumuk Ijo Hill. Here we finish the day watching a spectacular sunset over the villages, rice paddies and temples.

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