Immerse in Japanese Culinary Tradition

Japanese cuisine and its associated traditions have a long and fixating history, full of cultural practice, etiquette and custom. For many visitors the consumption and chance to join in with an ancient social practice is a highlight of their trip to Japan. Destination Asia Japan have now added another dimension to this element – by providing the opportunity to learn the skills involved in the production (and traditions in consumption) of Japanese food.

Morning class: Bento Style (9:30 – 13:00)
Bento is a boxed meal and is ubiquitous in Japanese cuisine. In this class guests learn how to prepare and consume their own Shokado bento. This style of bento originated in Kyoto and includes familiar dishes such as tempura, miso soup and sushi.

Afternoon class: Kappo Style (14:00 – 17:30)
In Japanese, “kappo” means to cut ingredients with a knife and cook them over a fire. At a kappo style restaurant, fine seasonal cuisine is served over a counter where you sit face to face with a chef. In this class the visitors become the chef.

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