Meet Wild Elephants In Sayaboury

The Elephant Conservation Center (ECC) in Sayaboury, Laos, is a program dedicated to helping protect the endangered Asian elephant, helping to preserve this endangered species. Launched in connection with the NGO ElefantAsia, the ECC is creating an elephant nursery, offering access to veterinary care at a permanent hospital and training mahouts while protecting the existing population of wild elephants.

The center prides itself on their natural and ecologically aware approach to working with these animals. The elephants inhabit a 106 hectare protected forest set by the Nam Tien Lake where there is sufficient natural food and visitors can watch them in their natural habitat without causing a disturbance to their daily activities. Facilities at the center are also ecologically friendly, utilizing solar power and water from the lake for filtration. To reduce the use of new building materials, their infrastructure uses traditional Lao houses that have been relocated to the center.

A trip to the Elephant Conservation Center will compliment any program in Laos, providing the opportunity to see up close and gain a greater understanding of these endangered animals.

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