Thailand Approves 90-day ‘Special Tourist Visa’

Thailand has approved a special tourist visa (STV) and will soon re-open its borders for selected long-staying visitors. The special visa scheme came into effect on 30 September and will be available until 30 September 2021.

Under the STV scheme, long-staying visitors can stay in the country for 90 days, which can be extended twice, each for a further 90 days. The visa will cost 2,000 baht ($63) per 90-day extension.

The STV will be granted to long-staying visitors from low-risk countries who comply with Thailand’s COVID-19 control and preventive measures. They will be required to undergo a 14-day alternative local state quarantine (ALSQ) upon their arrival, and must also have proof of their long-term residence in Thailand such as a hotel reservation.

Destination Asia Thailand can support guests with more information and bookings for these state quarantine hotels. Following 14 days of state quarantine and testing negative for COVID-19, guests are able to freely travel throughout Thailand.

A seven-day quarantine for foreign tourists may be put into effect in November if the first batch of inbound tourists in October is clear of COVID-19 infections.

A recent study looking into the world’s safest holiday destinations during the COVID-19 pandemic has placed Thailand in the top spot. The study was carried out by German travel start-up, Tourlane, who looked at various criteria, including the notification rates of new Covid-19 cases, along with each country’s population density and International Health Regulations score. The IHR score looks at how a country responds to a public health crisis and national or global emergencies. Thailand scored 85% with its low number of COVID-19 cases and moderate population density also helping it seize the number 1 spot. Following Thailand on the list of the world’s safest destinations are Jordan, French Polynesia, Greece, Uruguay, Italy, Cambodia, Japan, Ireland, and Botswana.

For more information on the STV, watch the VTR Special Tourist VISA video from TATnews Official on Vimeo.

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