Captivating UNESCO Longmen Grottos in China

Asia Talk-Image-ChinaThe Longmen Grottos are located on the Yi riverbank, just 30 minutes’ drive from Luoyang, Henan province. The grottos are one of the three most important Buddhist sites in all of China and are famous for their magnificent and innumerable Buddhist sculptures and carvings.

The 2100-plus grottos and niches hold more than 40 crematory urns, 3600 inscribed stone tablets and over 100,000 Buddhist images and statues. Inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site List in 2000, the grottos were then meticulously restored in 2003 to preserve their compelling history. The intricate works found here are entirely devoted to the Buddhist religion, representing the high point of Chinese stone carving and providing a window for visitors into the late northern Wei and Tang Dynasties (316-907).

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