Exploring the Seto Inland Sea

The Seto Inland Sea has featured in many international newspapers as a top destination in 2019. In line with this, Destination Asia Japan has created three new day tours to the charming coastal towns of Onomichi, Tomonoura and Honjima Island to allow our clients the chance to experience this region. In Onomichi, take a stroll through a quaint shopping arcade before walking through the town’s beautiful temples, ending with a ropeway journey up to Senkoji temple for stunning views of the inland sea. In Tomonoura, explore the town’s picturesque seafront before visiting the old Ota Residence and heading to one of the few shops in Japan that still produces “homeishu”, a type of medicinal liquor. We then take the ferry over to Honjima, spared the wear and tear of time due to its remote location and explore the island by bicycle, taking in the sights of a well-preserved old Japanese maritime town.

We will continue to expand the product that we can offer around the Seto Inland Sea, so please keep a look out for more to come in the near future!

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