Celebrating Singapore’s National Day Parade 2021

Taking steps towards returning to normal life, Singapore’s National Day Parade (NDP) still will go ahead with a centralised physical event and spectators on 21 August at The Float @ Marina Bay. The number of participants and spectators will be “scaled down appropriately” and spectators above the age of 12 years who are eligible for the national vaccination programme must be fully vaccinated before attending the event. They will also have to undergo pre-event COVID-19 testing.

Originally scheduled to be held on 9 August, the NDP was recently postponed until after the end of the latest COVID-19 restrictions. A ceremonial parade will still be held on 9 August to mark Singapore’s 56th year since independence. All participants have also been vaccinated against the COVID-19 and are routinely tested before each rehearsal in smaller component groups.

Last year’s NDP was split into a morning show at the Padang and an evening show at the Star Vista, with numbers of those involved reduced drastically in line with COVID-19 measures. The morning show featured a scaled-down parade with about 150 spectators, while the evening show also had a 150-strong audience. Fewer than 300 participants were involved in both segments. The NDP in pre-pandemic years usually attracts tens of thousands of spectators.

For the latest news regarding Singapore’s vaccination rollout, quarantine times, key dates to reopening, and international flight status, visit our dedicated COVID-19 report site.

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