Change to Ghibli Museum Ticketing System

The Ghibli Museum is a portal to a storybook world with the visitor assuming the role of main character. Tickets are usually in advance with a specified appointed date – however for the peak months of July and August this year, a lottery system will be in place. For July tickets we will need to apply between 25 and 31 May. The results will be out in the second week of June. For August tickets we will need to apply between 25 and 30 June, with the results out in the second week of July.

Only when the results are released shall we know if it’s possible to purchase tickets. The lottery-type draw is random so there is no guarantee we can secure them. Additionally, the lottery tickets do not allow us to adjust the date or time of a ticket. From September 2015 the ticketing process will resume normal operations – with tickets confirmed on the 10th day of the previous month and more readily available.

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