Fat Bike Volcano Ride

Explore the iconic caldera of Mt. Batur on a Rhinovelo 186 Fat Bike – designed to manage difficult terrain more leisurely with less physical efforts.  The active volcano sits alongside Lake Batur and is an excellent destination for fat biking.

The oversized tires of a Fat Bike provide impressive traction and allow the exploration of areas where normal bikes are hard to ride. Being 2-3 times wider than regular mountain bike tires, Fat Bike tires add extra grip on the ground and prevent the wheels from sinking into soft surfaces. Perfect for riding on sand, mud or over rocks, these bikes offer enhanced safety and at the same time are so much fun to ride.

After a short introduction and safety briefing, guests hop on their Fat Bike and begin the ride (approx. 1.5 hours) through Batur UNESCO Global Geopark, which includes two volcanic calderas and presents a complete volcanic landscape with caldera walls, cones and craters, geothermal phenomena like fumaroles or hot springs as well as a lake. The highlights are the frozen lava fields, formed by lava and pyroclastic flows of the most recent larger eruptions in 1804 and 1968. Enjoy the bizarre scenery of the black lava formations whilst navigating through the lava fields.

Next we transfer by car back to Kintamani for a refreshing lunch along with wonderful panoramic views of the caldera, as well as 180 degree vistas of Lake Batur, Mount Abang and Mount Agung to the east. On a clear day the imposing Mount Batukaru and Mangu Peak, part of Bali’s Western Mountain range can also be seen.

We finish the day with a ride (approx. 1.5 hours) heading downhill on soft sandy terrain back towards South Bali to reach the finishing point of the volcano ride – where the car is waiting ready to drive guests back to their hotel.

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