Cruise the Notorious Golden Triangle

The once notorious Golden Triangle remains a corner of Southeast Asia that travelers must explore. It’s the meeting of three magnificent countries – Laos, Burma and Thailand; creating a diverse, and enigmatic landscape best explored by boat. Our vessel for this resplendent adventure is the luxurious RV Laos Pandaw. While we glimpse and touch the border of Burma and Thailand, the real voyage takes place in Laos. We traverse Laos from the charming antiquated French capital of Vientiane, along the vast Mekong River to Huay Xai and Tachilek.

We venture deep into mountain gorges, through gentle rapids and cruise among lush jungle foliage; listening to the chorus of wild animals in their home territory. On the journey we visit remote tribal villages and trek through the surrounding wilderness to learn more about the stories attached to the Golden Triangle – and how it is still revered today.

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