Culturally Diverse Walk Through Singapore

Singapore is an enigmatic and cosmopolitan city brimming with multi-cultural diversity. A result of this historical assortment of races is a multitudinous offering of food that leaves visitors spoilt for choice – from Peranakan to Chinese, Malay to Indian, fusion and more. Destination Asia Singapore has created a program of discovery, taking guests through the charming side streets of a series of cultural enclaves. At Kampong Glam we admire the quiet majesty of the Sultan’s Mosque with its unmistakable golden dome before exploring colorful places to sample some culinary treats. Next we visit The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum – a Tang-Styled Chinese Buddhist Temple in the heart of Chinatown.

Our final stop for the day is in Little India, a destination that completes the cultural kaleidoscope. Bustling streets showcase aromatic and exotic spices, colorful flower-garland shops, vegetable vendors and busy curry houses line the streets. While in the neighborhood we visit the Sri Mariamman Temple – a stunning Hindu temple dating back to 1827.

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