Cycling Through Cambodia’s Cultural Heritage

Cam Kim cyclingEmbark on a tour that delves into Cambodia’s spiritual nature, traversing the countryside on a bicycle to witness the country’s deep religious roots.

Destination Asia Cambodia have created an enthralling program that ventures deep into the Cambodian countryside, revealing the country’s natural beauty and unique religious heritage. Explore glistening Buddhist pagodas, follow hidden pathways through farmland and stop to receive a religious monk blessing. We also stop for a relaxing picnic break in the surrounding rural countryside. A cycling tour is the perfect way to explore traditional local life in the area – and after breakfast at the hotel, clients depart on their bikes to visit a Buddhist Pagoda located in the outskirts of Siem Reap. We follow a road along the eastern side of Siem Reap River, spending half a day cycling through the rice paddy fields. Guests will pass water buffalo along the road, explore local villages and schools, and witness farmers attending to their daily work while taking in the tranquil surrounding Cambodian culture.

After meditating at a temple, guests have the opportunity to receive a personal blessing by local monks. They perform this traditional Khmer ceremony by sprinkling water and lotus flowers over your head in the belief it cleanses bad spirits from the past and brings good luck for the coming year.

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