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Destination Asia Issues Wildlife Viewing and Animal Welfare Guide

Asia is home to a vast range of unique animal species, and is on many travelers’ bucket list who want to see up close, elephants, monkeys, gibbons, orangutan, Komodo dragon and more. However, these animals are often wild and the way we view them must be carefully considered.

One of the greatest challenges the world is facing now is deforestation, causing the destruction of natural wildlife habitats. Several animal sanctuaries and camps whose aim is to preserve natural landscapes around Asia, are working hard to limit forest destruction. This is where tourism can help by supporting the initiatives laid out in our guide, presenting an opportunity for our clients to experience and learn about wildlife conservation.

Our aim is to provide the best wildlife viewing experience for our clients, while ensuring the wildlife in the areas we visit is not disturbed. Destination Asia is only working with suppliers in animal-based activities who meet the strictest level of animal welfare criteria. The distribution of our guidelines ensures transparency while providing our partners with a better understanding of our aim.

View our Wildlife Viewing and Animal Welfare guide here

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