Hue Family Fun: Ancient Arenas, Pottery and Kite Flying

This specially curated trip starts with a visit to the external ring of the Tiger Fighting Arena, a venue where Nguyen emperors viewed contests between elephants and tigers since 1832. Needless to say, that uneven contest was ended long ago but the arena’s atmosphere and architecture still make for a fascinating visit. Then it’s on to an interactive workshop at the HOPE Vocation Center, which assists disabled and disadvantaged minority groups. Guests are encouraged to knit artefacts from old, recycled telephone wires – a surprisingly simple but very rewarding process, which kids enjoy especially – or try their hand at making artistic pottery items on a wheel.

Next and final stop is the home of a kite-flying artisan to hear about the history of kite flying, an entertainment favoured by mandarins of the Nguyen dynasty. Guests get the chance to create their own one-of-a-kind kite, using the ancient methods and materials. They may even get to fly their DIY kite under the artisan’s guidance. This does depend, of course, on favourable weather and a decent wind, and late afternoons are most likely to provide those conditions. After this great day out, guests are transferred back to their hotel.

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