Destination Asia Vietnam Take the Next Step in Clear Your Closet Donation Project

Step two of Destination Asia Vietnam’s clear your closet donation project started in April during the lockdown, was completed in May and June with the following centres.

  • Orphan’s alliance in Hanoi
  • Dieu Giac pagoda orphanage and Shop of Hope charity in Saigon

The office in Hanoi focused on girls’ clothes and supplies per Orphan’s alliance specific needs at the time.

After receiving all the staff contributions in our Destination Asia Vietnam Saigon office, with more received than expected, we sorted and separated the items (male or female, winter or daily clothes, toys, books, games…) and gave the children clothes and toys to Dieu Giac orphanage, whilst we kept the winter and adult clothes for Shop of Hope who organized a donation in a Hmong village that went to families from a remote Hmong village on a mission trip.

It was a beautiful opportunity to see the Destination Asia staff even on reduced work schedule donating their time and energy to help those who are even more in need.

Want a recap on how it all started – read our first post about the project by clicking here.

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