Long Tail Boats and Local Life on Sulawesi’s Lake Tempe

Fishermen_life_in_Lake_Tempe600x394The lakeside resort of Sengkang has only recently been discovered by foreign tourists and the scenic Danau Tempe, a large shallow lake fringed by wetlands is the main attraction, best admired on a boat trip using wooden local long-tail boats. On this Sulawesi adventure, we board a long tail boat to explore the mighty Lake Tempe and visit Salotangah Village, home to traditional floating houses. The village is strikingly unique with around 30 houses inhabited by fishermen. Here we are invited by a local family to enjoy tea and fried banana (Pisang Goreng) in one of their floating bamboo lodgings. Lake Tempe is famous for its fascinating sunsets and if you are lucky enough, you can witness a spectacular dusk display as the sun dips below the horizon on your way back to your hotel. To extend time spent in Sulawesi, we recommend combining the program with a classical Tana Toraja experience.

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