Exciting Range of New Tokyo Photo Tours

We have developed a new range of Tokyo Photo Tours that explore the city’s iconic locations and hidden gems. Discover the fascinating metropolis of Tokyo through your viewfinder, from the hustle and bustle of Shibuya and lantern lit back-alleys of Shinjuku, through to the fashionable districts in Harajuku and majestic temples of Asakusa. Beginners and enthusiasts are both welcome with advice given from professional local photographers. The tours are private (2 – 6 person) with a choice of three programs available:

Tokyo by Night
On this ‘Tokyo By Night’ photo tour we hit the heart of the metropolis where lights never turn off and pass iconic locations while visiting the city’s famous night scenes: Shibuya and Shinjuku.

Tradition and Modernity
On our ‘Tradition & Modernity’ tour, guests get a feel of the contrasts in Tokyo. From past to future, capture a glimpse of the ever-fleeting world around you.

People and Streets
Embark on a revealing journey through Japan’s capital from the glittery streets of Harajuku to the beguiling back alleys of Shibuya. Our guide reveals the best spots to people watch and capture those spectacular moments.

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