Camping on Krakatau

Nothing has changed the culture and terrain of Indonesia to such an extent as Mother Nature.

The Indonesian archipelago has been under the influence of nature’s elements for thousands of years. Some of these events have made the record books, simply because of their impact on a worldwide scale. To highlight this and surround ourselves in its spellbinding culture, Destination Asia Indonesia has created a four day program exploring two of Indonesia’s potentially most significant sites.

Our program takes guests to the island of Krakatau, located in the Sundra Strait between Java and Sumatra. Everyone knows its iconic image, yet few have trekked along its legendary surface, camping overnight in its shadow. We explore a number of islands in the vicinity, voyaging across the crystal clear seas and discovering an abundance of marine life that grace the waters around Krakatau. We ascend the volcano at dusk, finding a place to rest and admire a spectacular sunset over the ocean before making our way down to the campsite for nightfall.

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