Join a John Hardy Jewellery Immersion Masterclass in Bali

Did you know that Canadian designer John Hardy visited Bali in the 1970s and became enamoured with the time-honored jewellery-making traditions? In 1975, he established an artisan collective and began fusing new design concepts with traditional Balinese techniques. What started with just a few artists quickly grew into a thriving business, and in 1996, John built the unique Mambal workshop where all the action happens today. The entire compound has been constructed such that the land can be returned to rice fields in three months, with the buildings made of low-impact local natural materials such as bamboo, adobe and thatch.

We invite you to join an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour to learn about John Hardy’s unique eight-step jewellery-making process, parts of which have been passed down from the jewellers of Bali’s ancient courts. Each step is done entirely by hand, from the sketching and watercolour painting of the designs to the wax carving, master casting, assembly, and stone setting. While touring the studio and workshop, you can see the designers and artisans working on new designs, weaving chains link by link and polishing finished pieces before you have the chance to sit with the master artisans and create a piece of John Hardy jewellery. This hands-on experience includes designing a back grill, rendering the design, carving the design in wax, and trying your hand at weaving a classic John Hardy chain. The class ends with an authentic Balinese lunch prepared by John Hardy’s five-star chef and shared with the design team and artisans.

For more information and bookings, get in touch with our reservation team in Indonesia at: 
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