Angkor Behind the Scenes with World Monuments Fund

World Monuments Fund, founded in 1965, is the leading independent organization dedicated to saving the world’s most treasured places. WMF has completed more than 600 projects in 90 countries. One of WMF’s most important activities has been its work at Angkor, which began in 1989. WMF’s work started at Preah Khan and focused on documenting this important and magnificent monastic complex, developing a conservation plan, improving visitor access, and most importantly emphasized training for young Cambodian architects, conservators and site workers. In 1999 the lessons learned at Preah Khan were implemented by the Cambodian team at Ta Som. In 2007, WMF began a major restoration effort at Churning of the Sea of Milk Gallery at Angkor Wat. WMF’s current major activity at Angkor is the conservation of Phnom Bakheng, one of the oldest temples in Angkor Archaeological Park.

We take you behind the scenes at Angkor, accompanied by an expert scholar to access remote corners of Phnom Bakheng (or other projects which may be on-going at the time). Experience Angkor with an expert and gain a fascinating insight into one of the world’s most treasured archaeological sites.

In addition to touring the temple sites with the WMF experts, lectures and presentations can also be arranged at gala dinners or as part of a conference.

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