Learn the Ancient Art & Craft of Khmer Ceramics

Visitors to Cambodia’s legendary sites such as Angkor Wat are often struck by the beauty of the ceramics which can be seen everywhere, adding an extra beautiful adornment to the place. Ceramics have, in fact, been a vital part of Khmer heritage and tradition for many centuries and are now enjoying quite a renaissance. This trip, which is perfect for parents and kids over five, gives a fascinating introduction to the craft as well as a chance for participants to try their hand with the potter’s wheel and paintbrushes.

The experience is managed by Khmer Ceramics & Fine Arts Centre in Seam Reap, which contributes to the educational, social and economic development of Cambodia, and disadvantaged communities in particular. Many of the centre’s instructors have a disability or physical challenge, in keeping with this NGO’s policy, but they are nonetheless superbly skilful practitioners of their craft.  They will guide guests as they learn the basics at the guests’ own pace, so they can try to make several pieces or just have fun playing with them. After the pottery class, it’s on to the painting section and an opportunity to paint a pre-fired ceramics piece, adding their own flair and creativity under the instructor’s watchful eye and gentle assistance. And of course, they are welcome to take their work of art home as a souvenir.

For more information and bookings, get in touch with our reservation team in Cambodia at: [email protected]

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