Japan’s Smallest Prefecture Will Amaze Even the Most Fastidious Traveler

Japan_Ritsurin Koen_Asia TalkKagawa Prefecture is the smallest prefecture in Japan and a destination abound with the most astonishingly beautiful Japanese gardens. Located on the rural island of Shikoku, its position is off the tourist trail yet still conveniently accessible by train, plane or ferry. Complementing gardens such as the historical Ritsurin Koen are ancient Shinto shrines and temples. Kotohiragu (known by the nickname Kompirasan) is one of the most ancient Shinto Shrines. Located on a mountain side and accessed by a stairway ascent, it protects sailors and fishermen while offering amazing views across the Seto Inland Sea. Visitors can immerse in favored past-times by learning to cook udon noodles, a delicious food that’s loved by locals. Other popular activities include visiting Kinashi village, Japan’s most influential bonsai producing area; and frequenting the Kanamaruza theatre in Kotohira village, an ancient and still active Kabuki theatre.

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