Koh Mak Island Makes Strides to Zero Carbon Goal

The picturesque, small island of Koh Mak has made admirable progress in its goal to be recognised as the first low-carbon destination in Thailand. While it is gradually being discovered by more tourists, the private sector together with the island’s local population is dedicated to promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly visits.

They have the advantage of having many of their natural resources still intact, and the long-established local way of life is still very much the norm. To add to that, an impressive number of initiatives have been implemented to create a tourism model that has the least impact on the natural landscape and embraces fair income distribution through the community. These efforts have brought the island several awards like the Top 100 Green Destinations 2022 and the People’s Choice Award at ITB Berlin 2023.

Thanik, a member of our product team, recently joined a familiarisation trip to witness the initiatives, moving around the island mostly by electric tram and local transport and participating in environmentally friendly activities. To reinforce the low-carbon goal, the organisers even calculate the emissions produced in a trip like Thanik’s.

For visitors who are interested in this, we recommend a multi-day island hopping package, combining a few days on Koh Mak with other nearby islands.

For more information and bookings, get in touch with our travel experience & reservation team in Thailand at: [email protected]

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