Moonlight Tuk Tuk Ride in Bangkok

The ubiquitous tuk tuk is synonymous with Bangkok, forming a part of everyday life for many of its residents and certainly a mode of transport every visitor must experience at least once.

The tuk tuk, named after the sound its two-cycle engine makes, are a fast and efficient way to travel in congested areas where they can weave around stationary cars. Their flashing on-board lights and ornate Thai metalwork also add a sense of excitement. Our program is suitable for a minimum of two and maximum of 10 people – taking guests on an eye-opening tour of Bangkok’s famed sights after the sun goes down. Often overlooked at night, the capital’s magnificent temples take on a whole new perspective as we approach by moonlight. Also on our agenda are stops at the vibrant flower market that carries on late into the night and the opportunity to visit a selection of scrumptious street-side food stalls. We guarantee guests will not go hungry so there is no need to eat beforehand.

The tour concludes around 11:30pm, allowing plenty of time for guests to encounter more of Bangkok’s diverse nightlife. Our guides are happy to suggest late night venues or will drop guests back at their hotel if they desire.

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